Politicas de seguridad y calidad

Security Policy

Fabricamos productos de plastico con la mas alta calidad en Induplastic de México

Safety and Hygiene in Induplastic de México S.A. Of C.V. Are FUNDAMENTAL VALUES based on the following aspects:


To permanently promote safety and health in the workplace, complying with statutes, laws, codes and standards at local, state and federal levels.

Support the preservation and protection of the environment.


PREVENTION and ERADICATION of the causes of injuries, diseases and occupational accidents.

PROTECTION of all our employees, suppliers, contractors, customers, facilities and assets.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Induplastic de Mexico S.A. de C.V. is based on the following grounds:


To manufacture plastic products adhering to norms, procedures and standards, that allow us to fulfill in quality, cost and opportunity the needs of our clients, both nationally and internationally, as well as to provide specialized services of maquila, mold design, material recycling and maintenance industrial.


To be a leading company in the plastic industry with dedication to excellence, total quality and preservation of the environment.


Permanent Commitment to Total Quality, that is, with the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Process Management System that complies with the requirements of the international Quality Standards. Total satisfaction in our customers. Do not assume anything; If we make sure everything.

Productos plasticos producidos en Induplastic de México

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